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The Woodwright Cabinet Company is a veteran-owned, family operated, wood-working business that specializes in custom built-in entertainment centers, media centers and specialty TV consoles.

Get Custom Designed TV Stands, Media Centers & Home Theaters

We can design and build a unit that is a part of your home and will dramatically increase its value, or make you an heirloom piece of custom furniture that you can take with you when you move and keep it in the family for generations. Regardless of the type of entertainment center you choose, we use the highest quality materials and finishes to bring your ideas to life!

Enhance Your Home’s Entertainment Area Today!

Contact us today and we’ll get started by having our designer visit your home for a consultation, free of charge. With the Woodwright Cabinet Company designing and building your custom entertainment center, you’ll know you’re getting the absolute best quality in craftsmanship and customer service, and at a great value!

Thinking about a new entertainment center?

  • Do you like hanging out with your family or friends, watching moves or TV, listening to music, playing video games or otherwise enjoying your living or family room?
  • Do you have a collection of DVD’s or even some old vinyl albums?
  • Perhaps you have teenagers who have every video game console available, complete with a collection of games, controllers and various accessories.
  • Are you remodeling your home or changing the existing décor, but the entertainment center just doesn’t work any more?

Entertainment Cabinets & Media Centers Designed Just For You!

Your entertainment needs are most likely different from everyone else’s. So don’t shop at the big box stores for a factory-made unit made of inferior materials that just won’t hold up. When we design and create your entertainment unit, we’ll labor over all the details and take into consideration what you plan on doing with it, what you need to store in it and who will be using it.

What kind of options can you have with your entertainment center?

Glass-front, speaker-fabric front, hinged or sliding barn doors.

We want your storage unit to go with the rest of your décor, so we’ll help you choose the best kind of doors that will complement your style and serve the purpose.

Thick, sturdy shelves.

Thin, flimsy shelves have no place in a custom-built entertainment center. We use thicker ¾” material and cap it off with a solid-wood, 1 ½” thick nose that prevents sag even over a long span.

Built-Ins with Full Backs

Many cabinet makers don’t include a back on their built-ins in order to save weight, cost and complexity of the build. This makes a weaker cabinet that is prone to being installed out of square. Our cabinets have full backs that match the interior of the cabinets, and prevent anything from the inside from falling down behind the cabinet.

Complete Customization

If you want more details and an ornate look, we can do that. If you prefer a sleek, modern and simple construction, we can do that as well. Working on a budget? Let us know how we can maximize the value and stay within your target price.


The Woodwright Cabinet Company can help you plan and design your dream home entertainment center, starting with a custom configuration that makes the best use of your available space.