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Recently Featured on: Moving with the Military

Montgomery Woodwrights was recently featured on an Episode of Moving with the Military.

Travis Wilson a retired Green Beret served our country for 21 years. Late in his service he was injured in a night jump when his parachute failed to open causing him to break his back and sustaining multiple other injuries that required 13 surgeries to follow.

 After serving our nation he decided to start a nonprofit organization @aep_outdoors that brought veterans together in fellowship. 

To show our appreciation for his years of service to our country (and his commitment to helping veterans), we couldn’t resist the urge to help transform his home office. We built a full wall, floor to ceiling built-in office cabinet; complete with gold accents that also flowed into the chandelier and decor in the room – a true work of art that we are proud of, as is Travis and his family!

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