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Custom-Built Wooden Furniture in Montgomery, TX

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Custom Wood Desk

Upgrade Your Home with Handcrafted Wood Furniture

If built-in cabinets are not your style, and you’re looking for a piece that can be moved around your home or office, we also offer custom wood furniture and free-standing pieces.

We Can Create ANY Type of Wooden Furniture

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Whether you want an elaborate or simple desk, entertainment center, bookcase, dog crate, hutch, floating office shelves, breakfast nook bench, nightstands, dining room table, coffee table, bed, or something entirely different, the expert wood craftsmen at the Woodwright Cabinet Company have the experience and expertise to build just about any piece of wooden furniture you might be looking for.

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Often, clients find something they love online, but the dimensions don’t work in their living space. This is where a custom woodworking shop can be helpful in achieving your desired plan. Many of our built-in projects can be built as a free-standing furniture piece. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home or office, we can create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces just for you – Contact the Woodwright Cabinet Company today for a custom quote!


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Wooden Desks

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Custom Furniture Design FAQs:

What are the steps to creating your own custom furniture?

1. Gather all of the details of the product you’re interested in having made.
2. Send an email to and include the details, as well as any inspirational photos (Pinterest) of the product that you like.
3. Let us know your location, timeline & budget so we can provide you a quote within your expectations.

What type of wood can you use for your custom furniture?

We only utilize the highest quality woods when building custom furniture. Here is a list of some of the most common types of wood we use:

What kind of wood will NOT be used in my furniture?

On occasion, we will use cabinet-grade plywood for construction of certain furniture pieces.  In these instances, we are using it due to the nature of the project and the necessity of certain design elements.

What kind of construction methods are used in my custom furniture?

What kinds of finishes will be used in my furniture?

We use a variety of different finishes depending on the application and piece.

Types of wood stains & finishes we use include:

Where is the furniture made?

Our furniture is hand crafted in the hills of Montgomery, TX and able to be shipped all over the continental USA.

How long does it take to have my furniture made?

The average amount of time you can expect to have a custom piece of furniture made is 6-12 weeks, after the design and specifications have been approved.  This is only an average, and each piece is unique so the time it takes will vary from one project to another.  We can answer this question more accurately as we progress through the details of your project.

How much does it cost to have a custom furniture piece made?

Custom furniture is more expensive than production furniture—that should be no surprise.  How much more depends on what you’re having built, and how much work will go into it.

A dining table may be a few hundred to a couple thousand more than what you’d pay at the store depending on the size, materials and design elements.  But if you need to work through several revisions of a design in order to firm up the details of a highly complex build, then comparing the price to a store-bought item is virtually impossible.

We are able to work within most budgets, so let us know what you’re constraints are and let us design something for you that will work within them!

Ready to Upgrade Your Home or Office with custom wood furniture?

The Woodwright Cabinet Company can help you create beautiful, one-of-a-kind wood furniture pieces to showcase throughout your home or office.