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Bathroom cabinets and vanities are the most important part of any bathroom. The right cabinets can help you maximize space, store all of your hygienic items and increase the comfort and appeal of your bathroom.

Custom Wood Bathroom Cabinets, Vanities & Shelving

When you’re ready to remodel the bathrooms in your home, don’t settle for “custom” cabinets from a big-box retailer? The Woodwright Cabinet Company will design and craft the perfect cabinets, shelves or storage space that will transform your bathroom into a work of art you can’t wait to share with everyone.

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The bathroom should be one of the most relaxing spaces in your home. When updating your bathroom, put your trust in our wood proven designers who can design a style of vanity, linen cabinet, shelving or any other custom item that you need. We will advise the best materials and finish to use within your budget, and make the product strong and durable.

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Custom Designed Bathroom Cabinetry To Fit Every Style

When you work with the Woodwright Cabinet Company, you’ll get exactly what you want. You’ll be able to define the exact style of your new bathroom and we’ll integrate any custom features you want. Whether you want traditional style bathroom cabinets or contemporary cabinetry we’ll recommend wood types, materials, and design characteristics to help you achieve your vision. From frameless to face-frame, inset cabinetry to half-overlay, we’ve got all the styles covered.

The joinery and the fit and finish will be of superior quality. And when you call, we answer. If you need to leave a message you’ll hear back from us that day.

Hand-Made Wooden Bathroom Cabinets, Shelving & Furniture

Bathroom Cabinets

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Bathroom Cabinet Materials We Use

  • Selecting the right materials is critical for bathroom cabinetry. We use local mills in Houston that provide kiln-dried lumber and is stored in climate controlled environments prior to construction. The last thing you want is your cabinet doors to warp or twist the day after installation!
  • We use ¾” cabinet-grade plywood, either birch or maple. Upgrading to other stain-grade materials such as white oak, red oak, walnut or mahogany is also an option. But all of our cabinet-grade plywood will be made with veneer-core instead of particl board, melamine or MDF that are heavily prone to warping when they come into contact with moisture.
  • Our face frames are solid wood. Poplar, Maple or other hardwood—depending on the material choice of the cabinet carcass.
  • Our bathroom cabinet doors will be made from solid wood. Cope and stick, with a solid ¼” or ½” center panel. Other cabinetmakers including the big box stores will sell you a Thermal-fused melamine, also known as Thermofoil. These look like wood, and for a while they may work great. But over time the foil layer that covers the door will begin to tear away and the only thing you can do is replace the door. It’s a cheap way for the cabinetmaker or builder to maximize their profit while delivering an inferior product.

Custom Designed Bathroom Layout

  • Let our designer help you decide the best layout configuration of your new bathroom cabinets. Or if you’ve already settled on the new design, we’ll gladly make it a reality for you.
  • We will provide ideas and perspectives that we’ve employed or seen on other jobs, and work to make the layout of your bathroom cabinets fit your lifestyle.

Custom Made Bathroom Cabinet Doors & Drawers

  • To produce the highest quality work at a great value, we can produce our own doors and drawers or work with some of the best carpenters to make them off-site. Depending on the needs of the job, we will provide a wide range of designs, materials and finishes for our doors & drawers.

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The Woodwright Cabinet Company can help you plan and design your dream bathroom, starting with a custom configuration that makes the best use of your available space.

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