Small Kitchen Inspiration: How to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

   September 7, 2023

How To Make A Kitchen Look Bigger and Brighter

6 Effective Tips To Improve the Look & Feel of Your Kitchen Space

A lack of space shouldn’t prevent you from having the kitchen of your dreams! With a few simple design choices, a kitchen of any size can look and feel more spacious than it actually is. Keep reading for six clever design ideas to maximize your storage space and create the illusion of an airy and spacious kitchen. 

  1. Use Lighter Colors
  2. Use Glass Doors
  3. Built-In Cabinetry
  4. Ceiling High Cabinets
  5. Open Shelving
  6. Hidden Appliances

Tip #1: Choose Light Colored Kitchen Cabinets & Decor

Bright Colors in the Kitchen Reflect More Light

A simple fix for a small space is choosing lighter colors for your cabinetry, wall and ceiling paint, countertops, backsplash, and more. Brighter colors reflect more light than dark ones and can completely transform your kitchen by making it appear more open and spacious. 

Tip #2: Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors


Utilize Glass Cabinets To Create More Space

Traditional enclosed kitchen cabinets can take up a lot of valuable room for movement and make a small space feel tight. Removing solid cabinet doors and replacing them with glass panels tricks your eye into believing the wall is further away than it actually is and gives your kitchen an open and airy look.

Tip #3: Built-In Kitchen Cabinetry

Utilize Built-In Cabinets to Improve Storage & Add More Floor Space

When you don’t have enough space to build your cabinets out from the wall, build them into the wall. Building cabinets or shelving into a cutout in a wall is a great way to add more storage to your kitchen while keeping valuable floor space open. This idea would be perfect for a coffee or wine bar, a china cabinet, or a built-in pantry!

Tip #4: Ceiling High Kitchen Cabinets

Ceiling High Kitchen Cabinets
Image Source: The Merry Thought

Build Cabinets up to the Ceiling to Make Your Kitchen Appear Larger

A smart design trick to incorporate in your kitchen is to build your cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Tall cabinets draw the eye upward and give your space the illusion of a high ceiling. In addition to making your space appear larger, this is a great way to maximize your storage space in your kitchen and make the most of every available inch. The highest, out-of-reach cabinets are the perfect spot to store those items that you only use occasionally. 

Tip #5: Add Open Shelving to Kitchen

Open Kitchen Shelving
Image Source: Kitchen Magic

Utilize Open Shelving to Create More Space

Instead of regular enclosed kitchen cabinets, consider adding open shelving to give your kitchen an airy and spacious feel. This will make your kitchen appear larger because the open shelves create an unobstructed view that allows the eye to see all the way to the wall, similar to glass-paneled cabinetry. Floating shelves are a good, clean design choice for this purpose.

Hidden Kitchen Appliance Cabinets
Image Source: Houzz 

Decrease Clutter & Create A More Uniform Look

Adding paneling to your large appliances helps them blend in with the rest of your cabinetry and gives your kitchen a clean, cohesive look. This prevents your appliances, such as a fridge or dishwasher, from standing out and not matching the style of your kitchen. Additionally, keep small appliances, such as a microwave or coffee maker, off your countertops and out of sight by adding an appliance garage in your kitchen design.

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