3 Ways Built-Ins Add Value to Your Home

   September 7, 2022

Do Built-Ins Add Value to Your Home?

Are you looking to upgrade your home? Want to make the most of an unused space? Wondering how to increase your home’s value and even attract potential buyers? Custom built-in cabinets & furniture pieces are a classic solution with many practical advantages– from providing extra storage to helping your home stand out to buyers.

What Are Built-Ins?

Built-ins are permanent furniture structures installed and attached to the interior of a home. Some types of built-ins that you’ll commonly see are kitchen cabinets, bookcases, and fireplace shelving, but there’s practically no limit to where you can add built-ins in your home. 
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This is especially true with custom built-ins that allow for creativity and are specially designed to fit a specific space in your home. Your cabinetmaker will work with you during the design process to include the details and specifications you need and offer any extra ideas or adjustments to help bring your vision to life.


What Are My Other Options?

Built-ins differ from freestanding or moveable furniture that is not attached to the structure of your home. This would mean you can’t pack up your built-ins and bring them with you when moving houses like you can with regular furniture. Since the built-ins are a part of the home, they add extra value and bring benefits to your home in ways that regular furniture would not. 

3 Benefits of Built-In Cabinets & Furniture Pieces

Benefit 1: Add Extra Storage Space

A popular reason for installing built-ins is to add extra storage and organization to a space that lacks it. Built-ins give you tons of options for both storing away things you don’t use often to keep them out of sight and displaying the items that you do want to see. Enclosed cabinets are a great storage solution for keeping things hidden away while adding an attractive design element to a room.


A mix of enclosed cabinets and open shelving in a home office provides organization for papers, books, and other office supplies and space for displaying pictures, houseplants, and other decor. Built-ins are useful in closets to maximize space with a system of shelves and dividers. 

With custom built-ins, you can go all out with the amount of storage and organization you want. The custom project below features lots of shelving spaces behind the cabinet doors plus plenty of drawers for maximum organization. No shortage of storage here! 


Benefit 2: Make Use of Unused Space

An extra level of functionality can be added to empty spaces in your home that otherwise have no purpose with built-ins. Built-ins are a great way to make a bland, unused space more inviting. A blank wall with a window can become the perfect cozy spot for reading with a built-in window seat. An empty room used for storage can become a stylish home theater by adding a built-in entertainment center and cabinets to keep items in storage out of the way. 


To take advantage of the space under their stairs, one of our customers had this wine bar and storage area custom-built to fit underneath this unused space. Now they can enjoy a beautiful space to store and display their wine collection! 

Benefit 3: Built-Ins Attract Potential Buyers

If you aren’t planning to stay in your current home for long and resale value is important to you, you’ll be glad to know that built-ins are a great way to increase your home’s value. Built-ins make your space more functional and inviting— things that buyers are always looking for. Buyers are often attracted to the extra storage and character that built-ins give to a home. They will be relieved to see built-ins and know that they won’t have to worry about where to store their belongings or about buying as much brand new furniture. Adding built-ins to your home could be the extra detail that pushes buyers who are on the fence toward making an offer on your home. 


Installing built-ins solely to increase resale value must be done correctly, however. While you can personalize your built-ins to match your style, future buyers with different styles or preferences might only see your built-ins as a downside. You don’t want to spend the extra time and money on installing built-ins only to have the future homeowners tear them out. The extra expenses and effort that are needed to demolish the built-ins can easily turn a potential buyer away.


Luckily, there are a few simple ways to ensure your built-ins attract buyers instead of turning them away. Add your built-ins in a way that is appropriate to the room and is versatile enough to accommodate future homeowners’ needs, such as using adjustable shelving in cabinets. Also, consider classic, neutral colors like white or gray that appeal to the broadest range of buyers and are easy to match with furniture and decor. 

BONUS Benefit 4: Built-Ins Add Personality


The sky (…or the ceiling) is practically the limit to how many ways built-ins can add personality and character to your home. A “floating” entertainment center with LED light strips or handless kitchen cabinets can give your home a modern look. As for the paint, you can choose bold colors to make a statement in a bland room or opt for something more neutral for a modern touch. 


Built-in shelves like the ones in this custom home office are a great way to display decor and other items that show your style. Adding built-ins in unconventional and unexpected spaces, like our client’s wine bar hidden under their stairs that was mentioned earlier, is a great way of adding something unique and unusual to your home. 


Built-ins come with many benefits and do add value to a home, whether you’re planning to stay in your home for 20 years or just two. Ultimately, built-ins are worth the investment and will transform any house into a home.